Google, Apple, and just about every trendy tech startup worth their salt all have one thing in common… and no… the answer is not “they have more money than us”, even if that’s true.  What I’m referring to is the ultra-hip, uniquely inspirational, brainy bastions they call offices!  Regardless of the thickness of your rims, the skinniness of your jeans or how brightly colored your high-tops happen to be, you probably know what I’m talking about.  The tech industry is notorious for building elaborate headquarters and campuses in an effort to boost their image and help attract and keep the most talented developers in the world.  For example:


Google is, without a doubt, the grand-daddy of all fantastic facility providers world-wide.  In order to fuel an army of innovators, Google continues to expand with new and exciting campuses across the globe, each one uniquely amazing and built to inspire.  For example, we’ll look at Google’s 80+ million dollar Dublin campus and just some of the benefits their campers enjoy:

Google Dublin Campus
Get some up-beat positive reinforcement in the yellow “O”, bring it down and relax in the blue “G”, or barge into a passionate argument about camelcase vs. underscore in the red “O” (aka “the ring of fire”).
Google Dublin Campus
Sip wine and nibble on a lemba wafer in this gilded glade.
Google Dublin Campus
Get stuck in meetings all day and still come home with grass stains!

Pretty amazing right? Right!  But why, you ask, would a company ever sink so much time and money into a workspace?  The answer is because really good developers are really hard to find and even harder to keep around.  If you’re a company that solves world-class problems, you need to attract and keep world-class problem solvers… plain and simple.

This concept has been widely adopted by many other companies, and Also Creative Inc is no exception.  Building a unique and inspirational space has been at the top of our list since the very beginning.  We have since spent countless hours and tens of…  hundreds of dollars to turn a small, run-down building into a place that makes people say, “wow… I want to work there!”  Welcome to the first of a series of posts that will highlight our little work-space in downtown Grand Forks, North Dakota.

Justin Sitting at the ACI Round Table
Welcome to Also Creative Inc.