Revolutionizing the Industrial Workplace with Mobile Technology

Mobile applications are a great way to add value to your morning, whether you are reading the newspaper, getting reward points for your morning cup of coffee, or looking for the closest place to fill up your gas tank. But what about once you get to work? Mobile Apps are the future of the industrial workplace as companies are just beginning to learn how mobile technology can improve efficiency, profitability, and even safety.

Mobile Apps for Industry

Employee Management and Safety

Mobile technology is making it easier to manage employees, their safety, and their schedules. Apps can be designed to allow employees to request time off and monitor their hours. It can also provide access to important safety information and alerts. Beacons can be utilized for monitoring attendance with the ability to automatically clock employees in and out when arriving and leaving a job site. This can be especially useful if large numbers of employees arrive to work at the same time or if employees are working at an offsite location.

Field Data Collection

Over recent years many companies have been committed to becoming paperless in order to produce less waste. Laptops used to be the premier way to carry around information, but with unorganized word documents and spreadsheets, shared through a mess of emails they aren’t always the most convenient. Today lightweight tablets loaded with a single mobile application can be used to collect information for organized storage and instant sharing.

Track Customer Accounts

Just like data collection, keeping track of customer accounts can be difficult. A mobile application can be an excellent solution for managing customer accounts all in one place, from contact information and order history, to on site payment. Meetings can easily be arranged through calendars and invitations, then reminders and notes can be sent directly to attendees.

GIS and Mapping

Navigation systems have transformed the way we travel from place to place. Maps can be used to pinpoint site locations to make finding job sites a breeze, keep tabs on a remote workforce or even to locate prospective clients.This can save time and money with the assurance that employees can find sites quickly and easily. Advanced mapping software can be used to better track resources, for example, fleet management software can be used to assist in making sound business decisions using geospatial data. In the agriculture industry maps can be utilized for precision agriculture applications as well as for analyzing satellite imagery for optimized decision making.

Tracking Production

Just as navigation systems are used to get people from place to place mobile technology can be used in a similar way for managing production operations. Products can be tracked from start to finish ensuring higher quality product and optimum production efficiency. Using flow meters, exact measurements can be monitored increasing inspection quality. Apps can also be used to track equipment maintenance increasing safety in the workplace.

Mobile technology is revolutionizing the way the world does business. When it comes to applying mobile technology in the industrial workplace the possibilities are endless.  If you’re interested in learning how you can use mobile technology to improve your company’s performance, we’re eager to learn more about your business and processes.

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