We love building native mobile apps for our clients. What we don’t love is building each app twice, doing twice as much work, supporting two different code bases and then explaining to potential clients why we have to charge twice as much. Web-based cross-platform solutions may work fine for some applications, but when the customer demands a solid, quality user experience, a native app is the only way to go. The need for a cross-platform mobile development tool that results in a native mobile experience is apparent. This is what Xamarin does and that’s why we use it.

What Xamarin Is

Xamarin is a framework that allows developers to create apps quickly by enabling them to code in C# which can be shared across multiple platforms such as iOS and Android.

What Xamarin Isn’t

Xamarin is NOT a silver bullet solution to native cross-platform development. Core logic and other back-end processes can typically be shared, but most user interface development still requires a custom approach for each platform.

Why We Use Xamarin

Xamarin Improves Efficiency

Xamarin Improves Efficiency and Stability

With Xamarin, we are able to accomplish more with less code.  Sharing core code between platforms allows our engineers to work more efficiently, getting our apps out faster without sacrificing quality. Less code also yields improved stability. Apps are like anything else… if they have too many moving parts, those parts are more liable to break. Simplifying the code-base is paramount when building a solid mobile app.

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