Why Bother with Mobile Support?

You wouldn’t buy a Ferrari and refuse to service the engine would you? Mobile apps and websites should be seen in the same light. They are investments, and they should be properly cared for in order to get the most out of them. Utilizing your mobile/website development firm’s support program will ensure that you are maximizing your return.

What Causes These Issues?

Operating systems are updated continuously, and mobile apps need to be tailored to the OS that they are built for. Every time Android or Apple has an update, mobile apps that were previously working just fine may all of a sudden experience bugs or crash all together. It is important to maintain communication with your developer through these changes. App developers know when new operating systems are going to be released, therefore they can prepare for the update and keep your app running smoothly.

Don’t get uninstalled.

You didn’t just develop your mobile app to be downloaded, you developed it to be used. If your mobile app or website isn’t working properly, the odds are that your users will get frustrated and trash it.The best way to avoid getting uninstalled from a user’s mobile device is to make sure your app is running smoothly and is adding value to their experience with your business.

Don’t let things get out of hand.

Leaving your mobile app or website without any kind of maintenance will create a disaster. The longer you go without maintenance the bigger the issues become, and it can be a nightmare for your developers to fix. The sooner the issues can be fixed, the sooner your website will be up and running as it should. A working website equals happy customers!

Can’t I just fix the issue myself?

Please don’t.Trying to make updates and changes yourself can get messy. Coding is complicated, so it is best to leave it to the experts. Making even the smallest modification can have an effect on the compatibility of the website or mobile app on different devices, so it’s just not worth the attempt. Even something as simple as changing an image can lower the integrity of the mobile app or website if it is not the correct shape or size. From a consumer’s perspective, the quality of a business’s mobile app and/or website reflects the quality of your business. If your website looks like it was made by a second grader -no offence to second graders- consumers will more than likely assume your quality of work will match.To make sure that yours is running efficiently and is up to visual standards it is important to keep in contact with your developer.

Mobile and web support is not a big deal… it’s a HUGE deal. Also Creative cares about the integrity of your business’s mobile app and website even after its launch. Mobile and web support should never be overlooked. We want your users to have an optimal experience, and through our after-launch support programs we will keep your website and mobile app looking professional and running smoothly.

If you or your company is interested in learning about how your business can make use of mobile technology, contact us and we’ll be glad to setup a consult.

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