Technology has been accused of shaping an anti-social society, however when used correctly it can be a powerful tool to bring people together. Mobile apps are an excellent example of how entire communities can come together through the use of technology. As newspapers and print media are becoming less effective, towns and cities are looking for new ways to promote local activities. Whether the city is hosting farmer’s markets, craft shows, adult community classes, concerts, or high school musicals a mobile app is a great way to get the word out about all the city has to offer.

Generate Buzz

Mobile apps are a great way to generate a positive buzz about your city. Having an app for your community is a way to unify the efforts of different businesses and organizations to promote local events and to highlight locally made products. This allows residents as well as visitors to see what your city or town has to offer. Using reminder notifications and event calendars users will never miss an upcoming event that they are interested in. So often great events are overlooked, having one hub for every event puts a spotlight on how exciting and lively your community really is.

Collect Data

Initially when a user opens the app they can opt to sign in with their Facebook account allowing it to collect demographic data without users having to fill out a significant amount of information.  From there, it can capture taps allowing admins to track which areas of the app certain demographics are most interested in. Using Bluetooth beacons communities are able to gather more accurate information about who is attending specific events in the area. This leads to more accurate speculation on which events are successful or not and which areas of town attract more attendees. Another way to capture similar information is through RFID systems, using them to automatically scan badges of event attendees or volunteers when they are near a strategically placed sensor. Having this insight allows businesses and organizations to use more precise marketing tactics. Optional surveys and polls can also be distributed through the app in order to obtain feedback on the events that the user attended or on events that organizations are planning to gain insight on what active community members are looking for.

Increased Feedback

Along with data collection, a mobile app is an easy way for community members to give feedback on the events they have attended- what went well, and what they would recommend to change for next time. Are there events that are overdone? Or old favorites that should be brought back to life? A discussion forum would allow event attendees to provide their input on all of the events held throughout the year.

Showcasing local events is just one of many features that can be applied to a community app. Furthermore it can allow residents access to City Hall meeting information and recaps, important voting information, and emergency and weather notifications. Apps can also be a great tool for raising awareness and increasing the convenience of public transportation.

When developed correctly, mobile applications can be the perfect tool to get in touch with the residents and visitors of your community, allowing them to get the most out of all of the great things your city has to offer. To learn more about how your community can come together using mobile technology schedule a free consultation with one of our mobile experts.