6 Ways Grocery Store Owners Can Use Mobile Tech

November 7, 2016By Mobile Insights

Out of all the challenges that small business owners face, figuring out the best way to advertise to customers is arguably the most difficult. People record television programs and skip the commercials. They install ad blocking software on their computers to avoid online advertisements. They throw mail away without opening it. Wouldn’t you love a … Read More

4 Crucial Steps to Take Before Promoting Your Mobile App

June 9, 2016By Mobile Insights

You have invested months into developing your app and you can’t wait to get it into the hands of your customers. The software might be ready, but is your team? Before you start throwing cash into advertising make sure you have completed these four key steps. 1. Train yourself This first one might seem obvious … Read More

Greenberg Realty Mobile App

April 15, 2016By aciadminSatisfied Clients, Uncategorized

We  recently had the privilege of working with an outstanding community leader and premier real estate firm, Greenberg Realty, to create a native mobile application that highlights their brand, area properties and agents. Ease of Use The Greenberg Realty mobile app has a clean and simple interface which makes it effortless for buyers to operate. … Read More

Big Changes for Xamarin

April 4, 2016By Industry News, Tools of the Trade, Uncategorized

A few months ago we posted a blog about Xamarin, a cross-platform mobile development tool that we use frequently when developing native mobile apps. Xamarin was officially acquired by Microsoft as of March 18th, 2016. So what does this mean for mobile developers? According to Xamarin’s website the software will now come free with all … Read More

Mobile Technology: Bringing Communities Together

February 15, 2016By aciadminMobile Insights, Uncategorized

Technology has been accused of shaping an anti-social society, however when used correctly it can be a powerful tool to bring people together. Mobile apps are an excellent example of how entire communities can come together through the use of technology. As newspapers and print media are becoming less effective, towns and cities are looking … Read More

Mobile and Web Support… What’s the Big Deal?

December 22, 2015By Mobile Insights, Uncategorized

Why Bother with Mobile Support? You wouldn’t buy a Ferrari and refuse to service the engine would you? Mobile apps and websites should be seen in the same light. They are investments, and they should be properly cared for in order to get the most out of them. Utilizing your mobile/website development firm’s support program … Read More

What are Bluetooth Beacons and Why They are Shaking Up the Mobile Development Industry

November 13, 2015By Mobile Insights, Uncategorized

In the world of mobile development everyone is always talking about beacons. The ease of use, the data collection, the consumer connection, etc. Sounds great right? But wait a minute… what exactly is a beacon? Beacons are small Bluetooth enabled devices that can send messages to smartphones and tablets through mobile applications when the user … Read More