HoloLens: Microsoft Taking a Shot at Augmented Reality

January 23, 2015By Uncategorized

If you’ve heard of Google Glass, then maybe you’ve heard that they recently stopped selling them and have brought their “Explore” program to an end.  Regardless of what you think that means for the product or what your feelings are about augmented reality devices, If you can watch this and not get even a little … Read More

Sustainable Solution Services

December 1, 2014By Satisfied Clients, Uncategorized

Hi All! We’re proud to present our latest creation for Sustainable Solution Services:  http://sustainablesolutionsgf.com/ Sustainable Solution Services is a GF based company that provides family and workplace mediation, customized training, coaching and team development. They work with families and workplaces that are in conflict by customizing a plan that will help them not only resolve … Read More

Our Website is Live!

June 17, 2014By Also Creative Inc. News, Uncategorized 1 Comment

A little over a year ago, we decided to evolve from a few nerdy guys working from their respective basements and put ourselves “out there” with hopes of achieving real growth. We nabbed an old retail space, geeked it up and hired some help. Now we’re busier than we’ve ever been, and couldn’t be happier! … Read More