AWTY Logistics is a startup based out of Dickinson, ND that specializes in collecting GIS data in the Bakken oil field and creating custom maps for truck drivers and other oil field services companies. While the boom was in full swing and oil companies began to modernize their processes, AWTY recognized the need to deliver their custom GIS data to their customer’s mobile devices and provide maximum availability.

The Objective

We worked closely with AWTY to identify challenges and arrive at a viable solution. None of the pre-existing map services, (Google Maps, MapQuest… etc.), allow companies like AWTY to implement their own road data. Given the poor cell reception in the more remote areas of North Dakota, the app needed to load and route offline. Building a custom mobile navigation app was the only option.

The Solution

We not only helped AWTY build a solution that exceeded their expectations, but helped them fine tune their internal processes to achieve maximum efficiency. The app utilizes the client’s custom data to navigate their customers to and from wells and rigs in the field. All data is available, and the app works flawlessly offline. The client has since hired us to build a suite of related web and mobile products for a national rollout.


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