Greenberg Realty has been a leader in the real estate industry in Grand Forks, North Dakota since 1981. With a growing number of home buyers house shopping on their phones, they knew that it was time to create a fresh experience for a new generation of clients. As a premiere and forward thinking real estate firm in the Grand Forks area, they were looking to secure a competitive advantage in the region.

The Objective

The primary goal with this project was to develop an effective, easy to use mobile application for Greenberg’s clients and agents. Our second objective was to come up with a solution to shorten the wait time for information being uploaded to RETS Flexmls (multiple listing service.) Before developing the app the wait time ranged from 24 to 48 hours, potentially missing valuable selling opportunities. The final objective was to incorporate an easy way for clients to communicate with their agent through the app, as well as easily share properties with friends and family.

The Solution

Our solution was to create a customized mobile application tailored to Greenberg Realty. We were able to utilize the company’s logo, colors, and agents to highlight the brand. The app is able to obtain updated information through a multiple listing service only 15 minutes after listings in Greenberg’s operating area have been posted. As the first real estate company to develop a mobile app in the Grand Forks area, we were able to provide a genuine competitive advantage for Greenberg in their region.

greenberg realty mobile app feature

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