Iteris ClearAg is a precision ag startup based out of Grand Forks, North Dakota, that provides white label precision ag products and solutions designed to help agronomists and large corporations make better agricultural decisions. ClearAg needed a snappy new website to promote their product to prospective customers around the globe.

The Objective

ClearAg products are used by customers worldwide. Their website needed to not only look great, but it needed to be as clean and concise as possible. A custom blog, client testimonials, an easy-to-use content management system, and, of course, a solid mobile experience were among other site requirements. In addition, ClearAg needed a large and robust documentation reference section for their APIs, that is easy for their API users to use and understand.

The Solution

We worked closely with ClearAg's marketing team over the years to build a clean, professional and concise user experience. We successfully designed and built the API documentation, used by ClearAg API users worldwide and is apparently “One of the best API docs they’ve ever used”. We’ve had the privilege of working with ClearAg on this and other projects for years, and have enjoyed watching and helping them grow. We’re proud to be a small part of their continued success.

Iteris Clearag Website Design Interior

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