Safer Tomorrows is a city organized initiative to bring attention to child abuse and children’s exposure to violence in the community. The city came to us to help them replace the existing website with a professional and attractive mobile-friendly website that integrated a blog and social media, as well as use design element from the national campaign.

The Objective

The original safer tomorrows website was a very large website that was not mobile-friendly. Our chief task was to design and build a mobile friendly website as well as help reorganize the content and decide what information was most important. In addition, blog content and social media posts were to be fully integrated and featured on the homepage. The client also requested to have the ability to easy add blog posts and add and edit other site content.

The Solution

We kicked off the process with a client interview, where we were able to identify the needs of the client and determine a general feel and aesthetic as well as any special considerations for site functionality. We were able to clean up the site content, create a professional and modern design, and built a clean and functional mobile format. We successfully integrated their social media channels into the homepage as well as blog excerpts and custom animation. As a result, the Safer Tomorrows program now has a modern, mobile-ready web presence that they can easily update and proudly display.

Safer Tomorrows Website Design Feature

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